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Sinosola achieved TUV Rheinland New Standard Certification of PV solar module

2019/04/27 14:09
         As we all know , TUV Rheinland is the most authoritative certificate authority in PV solar module. After nearly 12 months testing , finally Sinosola achieved IEC new standard certificate that authorized by TUV Rheinland, included pollution degree 1 , max system voltage 1500V, CE ,PID ,MCS etc. Certificate .
      IEC new standard certificate as following:
      EN 61215-1:2016        EN 61215-2:2017
      EN 61215-1-1:2016      EN IEC61730-1:2018
      EN IEC61730-2:2018     IEC 61215-1:2016
      IEC 61215-2:2016       IEC 61215-2:2016
      IEC 61730-1:2016       IEC 61730-2:2016
      Totally ten IEC new standard certificates, these standards are all newest to compare  to other solar company’s IEC certificate, especially for EN IEC61730-1:2008 and EN IEC 61730-2:2018 . TUV Rheinland said only few solar companies has passed these two standard !
      TUV Rheinland has more than 35years’test experience in PV solar industry , incontrovertibly they are the leader in test and certificate of PV solar module . they not only own the largest laboratories in the world , but also collect experience from laboratories around the globe. Testing the products in different high strict condition which are over the really intensity , but not a simulation . That’s why TUV Rheinland receives worldwide high recognition and reputation in quality certificate.
       TUV Certificate definitely lists the power of each model, including 25W to 390W mono and poly standard solar modules and small solar modules, no any company has such a comprehensive certification until now. The max power of 72cells is 390W for mono module and 350W for poly module, the max power of 60cells is 325W for mono module and 290W for poly module, all models are made by high efficiency & PERC technology.
       Finally finished all the test and achieved TUV Certificate successfully after 12 months that it certifies that quality of Sinosola’s  products are absolutely excellent, reliable and completely meet global customers’demand , maintaining the core interests of global customers. Sinosola will live up to expectations once you choose us, we will insist and struggle to get all the certificate for each country , we have our determination to seek high quality product !