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SINOSOLA achieved MCS New Standard Certification(MCS PV0267)

2019/06/15 09:54


SINOSOLA achieved MCS New Standard Certification(MCS PV0267)


SINOSOLA achieved MCS certification of PV solar module after TUV certification , it is IEC new standard that included pollution degree 1 , max system voltage 1500V.


 IEC new standard certificate as following:

EN 61215-1:2016        EN 61215-2:2017

EN 61215-1-1:2016      EN IEC61730-1:2018

EN IEC61730-2:2018     IEC 61215-1:2016

IEC 61215-2:2016       IEC 61215-2:2016

IEC 61730-1:2016       IEC 61730-2:2016


The certificate definitely lists the power of each model, including 25W to 390W mono and poly.


Please enter Cert. No. MCS PV0267 or SINOSOLA in this web and check our all certificated list. 


SINOSOLA always focus on High-end markets and own all certification for different countries .

Any requires ,please contact us directly.