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Energy Storage System(ESS)


Energy  storage  system(ESS)is the key to understand the structure of future energy and race to control a commanding point of advanced energy management


Human use energy will come through three phases: fossil energy in the past ,fossil and clean energy together in nowadays、pure renewable energy in the future. As the forward looking technology to promote the development of future energy, energy storage industry plays an important role in energy grid connection、electric cars、micro-grid、house energy storage system and grid support service etc. area


Renewable energy power station which has the character of Intermittent output in the future ,not only should have a certain smooth ability but also a reserve margin with time constant ,large-scale use of energy storage could smooth photovoltaic and wind power generation output ,Substantially raise the flexibility and stability of the Grid , makes human beings use renewable energy 100% possible


Energy storage system is the ultimate way to solve intermittent energy stable output .It’s the best solution to develop the renewable energy healthily and on a large-scale .Its benefit not only reflects on the storage electricity ,but also the smoothness of power access .break the traditional Grid main frame , finally realize a complete energy production and a change of consumption


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