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Portable solar panel kit


Sinosola Portable Folding Solar Panel Kit Caravan Camping Power 12V Mono Charging Battery

Solar System features a high efficiency compact Folding briefcase model design great for mobile camping remote use. The Solar cell delivers great power performance even in low-light provide outstanding energy delivery per cell power watt. The solar panel converts sunlight energy into DC electrical power and can be used to charge a rechargeable battery.

The beauty of a portable panel means that they take in maximum sunlight anywhere with the latest mono-crystalline cell technology.

This is a complete package ready to use, includes the 5m cable with alligator clips, controller is fitted to take care of the battery charge and any appliances. The cables are installed with alligator clips for easy charging. Connect the panel straight into your battery and power up!

These solar panels are ideal for caravanning and camping .

When you make the switch to solar energy you can feel good about making a difference for your family and for the planet.

The solar panel is quick to fold up, waterproof and easy to carry.

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